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Rabb Consulting, LLC – We do more than consult, we care (864) 508-RABB / (864) 508-7222

We do more than consult, we care.

Whether your ideas came about on a whim or grew from childhood aspirations, they belong in the hands of someone you trust will turn them into something tangible. We want to help you  journey from taking your projects from ideas to the hands of your customers.


How does RC, LLC differ from so many other consulting firms? How can we help boost your business? How will RC, LLC solutions become an asset to your endeavors?

3-Tier Approach

We utilize the latest technology in order to bring your creative ideas to life, then we ensure your business’s growth potential is maximized by providing continued support.

Top Notch Support

Our experienced support team brings 24/7/365 commitment to our clients. No issue is too small or too large for our support team to tackle.

Left - Right Brain

An approach that uses a well balanced mix of free flowing creativity and technical execution makes the process of bringing an idea to reality much more fluid and fun.

Flexible Service Plans

Sometimes the budget doesn’t fit the dream, and we understand that so we offer several ways to help prevent money from limiting your business growth.

Dedicated to Research

We invest a lot of time and resources into analysis and design of our solutions to protect our clients from unsafe market practices or tools.

We Build Reiationships

More than making the sale, we want to build relationships within our community and help bridge communities together.



Web Design
New Media Art
Software Architecture
Video Production



Software Testing
Video Post-Production



IT Support
Social Media Management
Business Analysis
Technical Training

So, That Sounds Great, But
Someone Has To Pay For This. Right?

Long ago, there was a time where the common practice of repayment for any service rendered or product purchase was to barter. Somewhere along the way, trading cows for sheep became a bit cumbersome and bartering was put on the back-burner. For so many reasons, you can read them here, we created our Back-to-Barter Plan. Back-to-Barter includes partnerships, additional contract options, extended service plan options, enrollment in RC ProActive, our benefit IT program. use benefits of the company, and believe it or not, it includes a bit more. We have outlined the details of Back-to-Barter in it’s own special place, take a look.

Back-to-BarterRC ProActive



We don't mind sharing, we take pride in what we do!

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